Chipshow 2016 mid-year summary conference and award ceremony

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Chipshow 2016 mid-year summary conference and award ceremony

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The grand opening of Chipshow 2016 mid-year summary conference and award ceremony


At 3 pm on July 15,2016, Chipshow mid-year summary conference and award ceremony is held on exhibition hall solemnly. The theme of the conference is summarizing working condition in the first half of 2016; making work plan for the rest of the year; and rewarding outstanding employees. All departments of sales center conclude with their first half year sales performance and make plans for the next half year. In order to encourage all the members of sales center, some colleagues who do well were rewarded for outstanding performance.



The first part of the conference is the summary of each area team’s sales performance in the first half year and strategic plan for the next half year. About sales performance, the marketing proportion structure is getting better as expected. The percentage of foreign trade increase by 20%. So that is profit.


In the aspect of team building, each team recruits newcomers. So the key work is team building and freshmen training;

The second part is exciting award ceremony, aiming to reward teams and staff that make great contribution to the sale performance. It is good for spurring the underachiever and enhancing sales center morale.


The first department of foreign trade won the first prize—best sales team. They rank the top owning to good sales performance in the first half year, well team construction and management. So they deserved this prize. And each member’s unyielding effort contribute to team’s success.


The next prize is for individuals whose sales performance is in top three. The three colleagues from first department of foreign trade, south district of domestic market and Guangdong project department respectively won the prize. Chipshow’s leaders and all the colleagues offer the heartiest congratulations to them. As an old saying goes:” God reward those who work hard.”


And the final reward is set for the top three sales of standardized product. The main point of this award is to reward those who are good at promoting the standardized product in the sales process. Chipshow constantly strives toward standardizing the products.

in outdoor advertising.


The award ceremony ended up with the applaud and laughter.


Finally, Leiyu ,vice president of sales center, makes a summery of sales performance in the first half year of 2016 and makes arrangement for the rest of the year.



Leiyu said the chipshow had made a great breakthrough at sales performance and product design. Regarding sales performance, performance and profit grow continually in the first half year, and there is a lot of room for growth in the next half year. As to product, Chipshow insists on the concept that product upgrade improves brand building. In the first half year of 2016,Chipshow upgraded and optimized the products and developed new products continuously. Nowadays, Outdoor HD series, Leopard small pixel pitch series and new Net series attract much attention in market.


In the aspect of channel building, Chipshow has established a branch offices in American, agencies in German and Dubai in the first half year, which plays an important role in the foreign trade,Chipshow won a number of awards in the first half year owning to outstanding performance, such as “LED Display Brand 2015”, “the First LED Prize-most Valuable New Three Board Enterprise in China”, “Shenzhen Famous Brand”, “China LED Display Enterprise International Competitiveness Top10 ” and so on. It shows the attention and affirmation of peer. Chipshow will smooth away difficulties and move forward for great prosperity,Chipshow upgrade products continuously and has made many successful and amazing cases. And our products have been well received, such as European cup perimeter LED Display project, Yunnan telecom Leopard LED Display project, Hubei outdoor full color project, Biguiyuan small pixel pitch series project and so on. The vivid image and outstanding performance gain customers’ recognition and lay a firm foundation for sales performance in the next half year.As to the work plan for the rest of the year, Leiyu has made a schedule. We need to strengthen products standardization firmly. And for new product’s function and features, we should suit the remedy to the case. Also, we ought to adhere to quality standard, and not to lower standard for price competition. Moreover, we should maintain quality and cut off the cost by standardization, promote products based on company position, and enhance after sales service and strengthen after sales staff’s skills. Last but not least, more branches and agencies will be set up to guarantee the development of Chipshow.