HD led TV is a ‘famous star’ on the opening of the first ‘Bao’an Expo”

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HD led TV is a ‘famous star’ on the opening of the first ‘Bao’an Expo”

From: chipshowmall.com Time:8/1/2016 3:40:08 AM

Chipshow’s HD led TV is a ‘famous star’ on the opening of the first ‘Bao’an Expo”


July 28, 2016, ‘Bao’an Expo’ is the first district industrial development exhibition hosted by Bao’an district government of Shenzhen CBD. Chipshow as one of more than 440 high-quality companies attended this exhibition.



Chipshow as the superior company in led display industry, got Bao’an district government’s high attention, they visited us and guided all exhibition stuff and gave Chipshow the best support in policy level.


Chipshow show P1.9 leopard HD series in this exhibition, different from the previous design, the leopard series can be maintained from front and installed with wall mount. Use LED display with TV stand looks smoothly from back and size same as 85inch TV. The beautiful view attracted domestic and foreign clients;

Chipshow’s leopard HD series power supplies and receiving cards both can be maintained from front, modules use the magnetism structure, easy and convenient for maintenance. Use the traditional LCD signal line and power supply line interface port.


Replace LCD structure directly with strong stability and antistatic. Single module correction, interexchange any cabinets or module can achieve automatic correction and seamless control. Widely used in meeting room, hall, banquet, exhibition, traffic, studio, command control etc.