The most perfect solution

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The most perfect solution

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On June 6, Chipshow strengthens strategic cooperation with Macroblock,Colorlight and RGBLINK to formulate the most perfect solution in the field of LED Display. Chipshow aiming at the characteristics of LED rental industry, and developed a leasing industry subvert our innovative products - "net series". From the internal "net series" with the latest technology, form the strongest combination, achieve the best performance. Accessories can be realized respectively, and it's very convient to maintenance; Each module can realize single button power maintenance, not affect opperation of other cabinets, accurate maintenance; Single mode set of calibration, automatic calibration, automatic seam, bright dark lines between module modified automatically by the system; Enclosure with accelerometer, image automatically rotate along with the enclosure, belongs to the industry within the original; Color is rich, show high-definition, high-end display of meet customer's requirements.

The net series" inner beauty:The insertion and extraction of accessories can be realized respectively Looking from the outside, it can be said that it is the most beautiful Rental screens compared to the existing ones. black appearance, tie-in and green dot, line is fluent beautiful; With separate lock structure, can realize quick installation, save manpower material resources; Around the enclosure anti-collision convex platform design, assembly, handling, placed in the process of the enclosure protection module; Leasing products in the industry, with rubber lining handle longest is easy to operate, feel comfortable; Humanized design, from the perspective of user needs, make the most perfect solution.

The excellent performance of "Net series" LED rental display depends on the support of high-end accessories, and the rich experience of other company. director of the advantages and achievements leasing products. USES the latest driver IC - MBI5153 macro block, carrying the MBI5153 LED display, can effectively reduce the problem of insufficient gray-scale loss, refresh, at the scene of the activity, can clear scan code; In addition, you can effectively eliminate the ghosts, when using photos, LED display screen delicate, anhydrous grain, no ghosting; Text display clear and colorful.


Receiving card with the latest card Wright i6 products, outstanding characteristic is can achieve rapid response, LED display in the process of play, zero delay, can realize the audio and video synchronization.


The most suitable video processor on collocation, is the most complete, the perfect solution. Video processor with regard of VSP 628 pro. This is a high-end integrating multifunctional video processor, converter and seamless switcher, can meet the demand of "network series" HD display, and support arbitrary signal input and output format, can realize seamless switching any signal, and fully meet the multi-level needs of customers."Web series" and the combination of video player, truly for the customer solve the problem of play in rental places, to provide customers with the most perfect video broadcast scheme.

Accompanied by gravity sensor, the image will automatically rotate along with the cabinets.

Automatic correction, the correction coefficient is stored in the module, when display starts, receiving card can read it correction coefficient automatically then operate normally.

All the time,companies of LED display industry compete with each other. What they present to clients is just product which can't solve the actual demand offor the customers. The joint alliance of Chipshow, Macroblock, Colorlight and RGB-Link will preferably integrate the advantage resources, and provide completeperfect solution to our customers from the perspective of their requirement."Net series" LED display will certainly be the most popular product in the field of LED rental industry.