Shenzhen Chip Optech Co,Ltd together with China Lecture shining in Amercian info

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Shenzhen Chip Optech Co,Ltd together with China Lecture shining in Amercian info

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In June,8th -10th , 2016, the annual exhibition of led industry Amercian Inforcom, hosted in Las vagas, which has the longest history in led advertising billboard industry all over the world. So far , it has become one of the largest and the most authoritative international exhibition of led advertising billboard industry. There were more than 1000 corporation participated, and not less than 40000 people attended the exhibition. It was a great and extraordinary.

At that exciting moment, Shenzhen Chip Optech Co,Ltd and China Lecture’s corporation was also going well. In the meeting center of Las vagas, there were a summit meeting about the technology and development trend of the led display industry was going to start. It’s positive for Shenzhen Chipshow to build its world wide brand and promote the integration of led display industry chain .

In the meeting, chipshow sale’s department manager Evan who serves north Amercian market gave a speech, having a discussion about the development of the led display industry. And introduced indoor rent led display new “Net Series” to the clients in north Amercian , and it’s also the first time for Amercian clients to see this type product, also they were very interested in this new product. More and more people were attracted by the beautiful appearance and the function of the product, it became the focus of this meeting .


The new indoor rental led display “Net Series” changed the knowledgement of led display industry. All accessories can be dissembled separately, and maintenance is simple and convenient. Every module could do maintenance with power off situation, without affecting the woking of the whole cabinet. Single module check, automatic check ,automatic seam repairing. The bright and dark lines could be automatically repaired through the system between the two modules. The cabinet has its own accelerometer , the picture and video could rotating along with the cabinet, which is the first creation in the industry. The full –color, HD viewing effect, will meet the client’s demands of high quality displaying.


Then, the other series “Leopard”, small pixel pitch led display series, which is used indoor only and can do maintenance in the front of the cabinet. It can be installed quickly and stick to a wall. It’s beautiful appearance and great picture showing has already got the approval of the clients. Application in meeting room, system control center, and radio and television studio are also is great choices .As the professional manufacturer in led display industry, Chipshow always assist with good attitude and supply the high quality goods to their clients. It keeps focus on creating , and providing the most professional and completed maintenance solution to the clients , truly dealing with the client’s problems and meet their demands .