Chipshow New Product Launch Conference – the 3rd Generation of General Module

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Chipshow New Product Launch Conference – the 3rd Generation of General Module

From: Time:5/27/2015 1:25:21 AM

The New Product Release (the Chipshow’ 3rd Generation General Module ) was held in 15th July with the attendance of Sales Team, Marketing team and Technical service team


New product release conference

The main features of P10.66 as below:

1.Dark black and durable, it is special formulated with module plastic material with deep black, its contrast is higher than conventional products.

2.All modules are in standard and uniform size:320*320mm, Cabinet size is 960mm*960mm, perform all the distance of indoor& outdoor display cabinet.

3. the seam are reduced more than 50% and smoothness increases by leaps and bounds.

4. Simplify the installation and maintenance, if familiar one , you master the whole, this can reduce the difficulty of marketing, engineering, training, maintenance and reduce the workload.

5. Easiness  of upgrade replacement, you can buy the replacement parts of standardized general modules even after few years, we can replace high- tech and higher density module in original position and original cabinet.

6.Making order rapidly and flexible, we can store standard cabinets,  we can install different distances between modules and provide shipment rapidly and flexibly

From R & D to today, P10.66 has been continually improved and upgraded, from generation one to generation two, and now from the two generation to the three generation. Now the third generation P10.66, with the new mould, eliminated the effect of module; 3 sweep low current, LED brightness decay more slowly; the welding of IC has been improved with the huge reduction of cold solder; with the double anti-water slots at the bottom of the suite, optimization of guide water accompanied by an increase in intensity; fresh rate up to 2880Hz.

As the world leader of LED screen  solution provider, Chipshow( to continue to serve the world with the best LED screen with innovation and R&D capabilities.