Chipshow will publish subversive innovation of LED rental display

Post time:2016-05-12 18:32


Chipshow will publish subversive innovation of LED rental display

From: Time:5/12/2016 5:14:43 AM


With years’ effort of our R&D team, Chipshow researches and develops a brand-new rental cabinet named “net ”. Just take 1 second to replace the independent power supply box and receiving card box.

As we know biological spider always uses its web to hunt, if web is broken somewhere, it could be easy and fast to repair. Chipshow is going to launch “net“ cabinet which has the similar features, easy and fast to repair! 

1. Independent boxes for power supply and receiving card

Power supply box and receiving card box won’t interfere with each other which are able to be plugged in and out separately. We only need 1s to pull out and replace the damaged units. This more convenient site maintenance help you save time and cost.


2. Strong and humanized structure design.

There are two handles on the backside which could not only make it easy to be carried but also strengthen the structure and use as a ladder. It’s the longest handle in the rental LED screen field and looks like a spider .


3. Light weight

The material of magnesium alloy makes it very light(<15kgs/m2).


4. Independent smart power control

There is one power switch on each cabinet which could control the power supply individually. So when one cabinet is under repairing, the others could keep working.


5. -15°~+15°Radian scale lock for options.

It’s possible to add a -15°~+15° radian scale lock on cabinet right/left sides to build a inner/outer curve LED screen in order to meet different demand.


6. Multi-functional fast lock.

Our fast lock is not like conventional lock, it’s possible to do micro adjustment and self-lock. 

7. Protection cushion around cabinet.

The cushion around cabinet can protect our modules from damage during transporation or installation. 

“Net ” overcomes the weakness of traditional rental LED screen, like heavy weight, complex installation and fissile structure and so on, it become a real user-level product from project category.


Non-professional people are able to finish installing, operating and maintaining by themselves which means we don’t need to pay more on labor and maintenance anymore. “Net ” is Chipshow’s one more marvelous innovation following “Leopard”.


Chipshow will release details and relevant parameters of our “Net ” at the end of May officially. Meanwhile, we”ll hold launch events in Beijing and Shanghai to present and 

popularize “Net ” at beginning of June. Don’t miss it, we are expecting for your participation !